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Poverty and Crime. Crime exists everywhere in the United States - in rural and urban areas, in the East and West, and among all types of people.

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The World Health Organization has described poverty as the greatest cause of suffering on earth
There is no single cause to any disorder, including crime. While clearly we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions, it is wrong to hold an individual wholly responsible for his unlawful act. There are certain factors in our societies, cultures (family values), system (educational, political, law-enforcement...), economy, and so on that endorse the potential of criminal activities of an individual. An organization as a whole should take a part of the blame in order to transform the conditions in which criminal-minds breed.

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The healthcare system in Kenya struggles to cope with the number of people who contract water-borne and mosquito-carried diseases, as well as ill-health caused by poverty and malnutrition.
My point is to say how can we not notice the environment that folks are born into, especially when folks who don’t have any of these predictors almost never become gang members. Remember, I am not excusing being a gang member, but just asking folks to consider what a child could become if you removed (unless we find a way for newborns to buy a house, get his/her parents back together, eliminate access to drugs in the neighborhood, get other kids to stop doing crime, etc.) some of these poverty related predictors from the equation. Thanks and happy reading!


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After studying this materials for years I realize that not only was I and all of my 9 brothers and sisters born with at least 17 of these precursor’s, but so was every single person in our neighborhood. Obviously some folks grew up to become gang members, drug addicts, prostitutes, etc. And I will not say that every single persons choice was based on poverty, but it is very rare that a rich child ends up a gang member or involved in anything related to crime.

Thank you for your time and consideration of the information I have posted. My intent is to cause debate, so as to further the conversation around poverty and crime. In addition to what I have already stated, please consider [Citation: OJJDP, Authors: Hill, Lui, and Hawkins. Dec, 2001.]

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We have to ask ourselves why do we cling to these fallacies? The information is out there, we already know how to fix this issue. Human beings learn to improve their lives, solve their issues by modeling good behavior. Geographically concentrated poverty is the primary cause and once we remove the race paradigm we can clearly see the cure to crime and poverty.

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Great article and information. I’m starting to realize more and more that the difficulty we have in determining crime and its causes is largely related to trying get it to fit within the framework of race. Our society (United States) continues to embrace the mythology of race that includes predetermined behaviors and predispositions. Even when all the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for every year clearly show whites commit more crime and are the most violent NOT because whites are violent or more criminal but simply because there simply are more of them, we are still dedicated to the racial narrative. Scientists have long concluded that human beings are not divided into subspecies, there are no inherent differences and most of the obvious differences are cultural and overlapping.

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So for the record, I will just state that I never intended to cause anyone to believe that there is an excuse for crime or violent behavior. However, my intent was to link poverty with inequality and inequality with crime. As you have so eloquently pointed out, rich people do crime as well, but for different reasons. I’m certain that you can easily find out that many reasonable people, who may have lost everything for one reason or another, have turned to crime. I think my point is to show that when you have never had anything (poverty and inequality) to lose it may appear easier to turn to crime as an only way out (not an excuse but a reason).

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There is a fine line between poverty being a cause of crime and the criminal behavior being the cause of poverty. For example: homeless people are the very definition of poverty, however they aren’t responsible for a lot of crime, while they are the victims of violent crimes perpetrated by people who have a better social and economic standing than them… how is poverty causing the criminals to seek out the helpless, when they have nothing to gain? You have used info to fit a narrative that you had prior to research. Wanting poverty to be a causation to excuse it, while there is plenty of evidence to show that criminals are criminals regardless of economics. Just look at schemes done by rich. Look at athletes and celebrities. And ask what causes them to be criminals? Are we going to excuse their behavior for being too far above the poverty line?