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Apr 07, 2011 · When George W. Bush ran for President in 2000, he explicitly campaigned on empowering workers with the freedom to choose personal accounts for Social Security.

The Bush team's secret plan to "reform" Social Security.

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Many of the Democratic ads promote the idea that stock market investment is tantamount to casino gambling. Typical is a Mississippi DSCC ad, which says Republican Sen. Roger Wicker’s "plan to gamble Social Security in the stock market" would have allowed "bankrupt firms and companies going under" to take "your Social Security with them."

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Heim, who retired years ago from his family's saw company, is one of thousands of volunteers who have been mobilized by the AARP against President Bush's Social Security reform plan, even before it is fully formed.


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Announcer: Imagine Roger Wicker had his way and Congress passed his plan to gamble Social Security in the stock market. Bankrupt firms and companies going under and taking your Social Security with them. If Roger Wicker and his Wall Street friends risky scheme to put Social Security in the stock market had passed, it would have been snake eyes for your future. Roger Wicker: too risky for Mississippi. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this ad. [/TET]

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The ad brings in a photo of President Bush and says "they" wanted to "privatize" Social Security, as though Barletta had endorsed Bush’s proposal.

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Announcer: What if they had their way? The politicians like Lou Barletta and George Bush. They wanted to privatize Social Security, putting your retirement at risk. Barletta wanted to follow Bush, right into this mess. And with our markets in free-fall, where would our safety-nets be now? In these times, the last persona we should trust is Lou Barletta. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for content of this advertising. [/TET]

Bush shifts approach on Social Security reform

The ad also cites a March 2008 article from the Enterprise-Journal (Macomb, Miss.) that Wicker "would back an independent commission to reform Social Security, saying there are ways for the program to get a better interest rate than the 2 percent returned by investing in the U.S. treasury."

Will Bush's Social Security Reform Plan Succeed

We also note that the DSCC ad strains to find justification for tying Wicker to private accounts. It cites a July 2001 against an amendment to an appropriations bill that would have prohibited implementing the final report of President Bush’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security. That amounted to a vote to allow the commission to go through with the mandate Bush had given it, which was to come up with plans that, among other things, ", which will augment Social Security." The commission issued its final report that December. It laid out to shore up the Social Security system’s shaky finances, all of which included voluntary private accounts.

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AARP has not held back in letting its views be known. The group this month ran ads in 53 daily newspapers and six Capitol Hill publications slamming Bush's Social Security plans. "Winners and losers are stock market terms," declares one ad. "Do you really want them to become retirement terms?"