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Reality Shows
The explosion of reality programming has led to more and more production companies employing writers without the protections of a Writers Guild contract. Large production companies avoid providing industry standard benefits--including employer-paid portable healthcare and pension, fair compensation, accurate writing credits, and more.


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The World’s Most Jaw-Dropping Reality TV Shows Live sex, human Tetris, baby giveaways, and more
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Game Shows
Although in the past many game shows have been covered under WGA agreements, networks are now categorizing game shows as "reality" and producing them non-union. Shows like Hollywood Squares, Let's Make A Deal , and Star Search were at one time covered by a WGA contract. Currently, many reality shows are produced non-Guild and the writers on these shows are not receiving employer-paid portable health care, pension, and other standard benefits covered by a WGA contract.

May 07, 2011 · Finally reality TV game shows have found their mission
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