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22/09/2014 · I would like to see Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" (1963) added to all new Bibles

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In these excerpts from a 2014 interview with David Cline, Reverend Wyatt T. Walker, a key member of King’s staff on the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, recalls his year-long work to organize the Birmingham campaign. He addresses the necessity of confrontation in nonviolent struggle, for the violent reaction from white supremacists was then captured by the media for all to see. He also speaks of transcribing “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and reflects on the impact of the letter on public consciousness, terming it the modern-day equivalent of President Lincoln’s nineteenth-century affirmation of human equality and national character as set out in the Gettysburg Address.

Lockerbie — An open letter from Dr Jim Swire | Intel Today

From there, I googled“Larry Hickman and Bruce Turnham,” and bingo.

Baylor was playing Tennessee in the 1957 Sugar Bowl. Tennessee led, 7-6, in the second half when perhaps the ugliestscene in the long history of college football took place:

From the official Sugar Bowl site…

Tennessee guard Bruce Burnham and Baylor guard Charley Horton got intoa scuffle on the ground. Burnham got in a couple ofpunches. Seeing that, Hickman rushed in and kicked Burnham in theface.

The defenseless Vol lay sprawled on the field quivering, ribbons ofblood covering his features. "I thought the boy would be gonebefore we got him off the field," commented a physician on thescene. "There's no way anyone could excuse what I did," Hickmanreflected decades later. "I think I was so keyed up...In my mindI saw him doing something he shouldn't, and I guess I just flashedtemper."

Hickman was banished from the game and Burnham was taken to TouroInfirmary. For the rest of the Sugar Bowl, Hickman sat on theBaylor bench, head in palms, sobbing.

Read the story on the site. It’s just as I remembered it. And then, if only to take a look at Tennessee’s famed balanced-linesingle wing, check out the video that accompanies it. It wastwo-way football, which meant that offensive players also had to playon defense - which explains why the offenses - especially the passinggame - were relatively unsophisticated. (In the air, the twoteams - combined - were 4 of 21 for 40 yards.)

For the most part, Baylor ran from a full-house, double-tight formation. Their offense, the Split-T, was being run by a lot oftop teams at the time, including mighty Oklahoma.


Lockerbie — An open letter from Dr Jim Swire | Intel …

On to the Wishbone. In an E-Mail exchange from over 10 yearsago on a completely different subject, one Rod Green told me about hisCoach Ken Dabbs and how the Wishbone came to be. Then:

"Yes, I fondly remember the ''69 Texas/TCU game, 69-7, and the 71 TCUgame, 89-10.