• Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, Writer: The Hurricane
  • Rubin Carter is the Hurricane…
  • Rubin Carter is the Hurricane

Rubin Carter got the nickname of “the Hurricane” because of his fierce left hook.

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25 years later, Mike and Steve revisit the tragic life of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter.
As propaganda for the deification of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the movie succeeds brilliantly, but as an honest portrayal of the events surrounding the murders, it is a miserable failure. Instead of being considered for an Oscar, Mr. Jewison deserves "The Oliver Stone Distortion of History Award."

Hurricane Carter: The Other Side of the Story

Bob Dylan's tragic true story about boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
THE MOVIE: Al Bello is seen sitting in front of a tape recorder while the racist Lieutenant promises not to prosecute him for burglary and starts to ask him leading questions. Bello plays along with this and tells the detective that it was Rubin Carter he saw leaving the murder scene. Sitting behind Bello is Arthur Dexter Bradley, Bello's burglary accomplice.


David & Me Chronicles Rubin Carter's Fight to Free …

This song is about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer who spent 19 years in jail for a murder Dylan felt he did not commit
to the first person who produces a news clipping -- published BEFORE the June 1966 murders -- that documents Rubin Carter's claimed civil rights activism.

THE MOVIE: Lt. Vincent Della Pesca is a profanity-spewing racist who is obsessed with nailing Rubin Carter. This obsession begins after the 11-year-old Carter is picked up for stabbing a white man, it intensifies when Della Pesca makes it clear he is going to "get" Carter for the triple murders, and it carries through to the day that Carter is released from prison -- a hearing attended by the glowering racist detective.