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This is the full text of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay, Self-Reliance. Emerson uses several words that are not in common use today.

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John: So Christopher, what started your interest in edible plants, survival skills, and self reliance?

Christopher: Many factors. My mother grew up on a farm and would tell tales of harsh winters and brush fires and the depression and raising food. I first visited my grandfathers farm at age 10 and realized it was a different world there. I went back a few times and studied plants of Ohio. But my mother also got me interested in gardening and raising food. Plus, my mothers' family would find all the arrowheads in the fields in Ohio, and I started thinking, what Indians were here in CA. I got to know the local Indians and learned they were VERY different culturally. I began to study the botany and wild foods of CA in high school and college.

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Christopher: Since I appear goofy-looking on camera, what I like is to be the medium for the message. I fully realize that when I do the TV things, I am on someone else's chessboard, fulfilling their agenda, and it often results in a garbled message. My favorite TV work was Huell Howser Visiting on local public TV and when I worked for 2 years for Fox TV on the X show.

John: What type of advice do you have for those who want to be more self-reliant?

Christopher: Of course, read all my books. Then, quit “thinking about it,” and find a way to apply the skills. Also, don't just think about yourself. Keep in mind that “Survival” is really not an individual thing. What do you hope to survive for, if your family and society and country are decimated. We need to think bigger and embrace bigger.


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John: How many articles have you written?

Christopher: I have no exact idea, but figure weekly newspaper columns for 12 years one paper, do the math, and various other weekly columns lasting from 2 to 5 years, and Wilderness Way, Whole Life Times, Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, Desert, Herbalist, LA Mensa magazine 3 years every issue, American Survival Guide, Mother Earth news – I guess a few thousand.

John: We know you teach various survival skills at the School of Self-Reliance. Can you list the various skills you teach so the readers can get an idea of the versatility you offer at the School of Self-Reliance?

Christopher: Wild food identification, Wild Food cooking, weaving with natural fibers, working with clay, working with stone (mostly soapstone), some leather work, primitive fire building, making shelters, processing acorns, primitive weaponry, including traps and deadfalls, bows, atlatls, cross bows, orienteering, making containers, sewing bags and sandals, lowering utility bills, solar oven making, food storage and drying, general emergency preparedness and home self-sufficiency, organic and natural gardening, Native American concepts and practices, some archaeology and anthropology, etc.

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