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He will give you Shamhat the harlot, take her with you, Let her prevail over him, instead of a mighty man.

Shamhat subsequently takes Enkidu to the city to meet Gilgamesh

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Shamhat and Eve: A Comparison essaysGilgamesh, ruler of Uruk, treated his people cruelly
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Come, Shamhat; invite me To the pure house, the holy dwelling of Anuand Ishtar,
Where Gilgamesh is perfect in strength,
And is like a wild bull, more powerful than (any of) the people
Let me challenge him, and [ ]

In comparison Shamhat of the epic of Gilgamesh did the ..

Shamhat was a hierodule and was asked to seduce Enkidu and use her charming ways to make a man out of Enkidu, the animal like.
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{p. 127} The failure of the animals to provide an adequate companionshipfor Adam is given as the reason for the creation of woman (20-3). Thewriter here is obviously concerned to show the derivative, and, therefore,the subordinate character of the female sex, while at the same time attestingthe essential unity of man and woman and their complementary natures. Thecurious means by which Yahweh procures the substance from which to makethe woman has long puzzled commentators, who have naturally sought to findsome relevant parallel to the extraordinary idea. The most likely one foundso far comes from the interesting fact that the Sumerian words for 'side'() and life () are depicted by the same ideogram;however, no instance of Sumerian interest in this homonymity has yet cometo light. The Yahwist clearly found his own explanation of the union ofthe sexes and the institution of marriage in the fact that the Hebrew wordfor woman ('isshah) is constructed from that for man ('ish). The concludingverse (25) of this section is obviously intended to prepare for the sequel,but it raises a problem that may be conveniently discussed at this point.The Yahwist records: "And they were both naked, the man ('adam)and his wife ('isshah), and they were not ashamed".The verb translated here as meaning 'to feel ashamed', signifiesin this context specifically 'to change colour, to blush', and itsemployment surely indicates the author's attitude towards nudity. To theHebrew the exposure of the sexual organs, whether of man or woman, wasa shameful thing; but possibly the real point of the Yahwist's remark inthis verse is to be seen by way of comparison with what is said of Enkiduin the . As we have seen, in his original stateEnkidu represents mankind before civilisation. Accordingly, he is shownas living with and as the


Gilgamesh orders the harlot Shamhat to ..

The Pre-biblical Protagonists Behind Genesis' Eve: Shamhat and Inanna(Ishtar) of the Epic of Gilgamesh
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Genesis portrays the animals as unfit companions for Adam, so God causeshim to fall asleep and create of his side or rib Eve. When Adam awakeshe finds before him a naked woman to supplant his animal companions.For me this is a recast of the Hunter bringing Shamhat the harlot-priestessof Uruk to the watering hole in the edin to have sex with Enkiduin order to separate him from his animal companions and supplant themas his companion. ...

These boundaries are set by the harlot Shamhat, Ishtar, Siduri, the tavern keeper, Ninsun and Utanapishtim's wife.
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Self-awareness and consciousness is the main thing that separates humans from beasts; thus, had Shamhat not instilled this sense of understanding in Enkidu, he never would have left the forest....

Shamhat made Enkidu a civilised human being

“Enkidu was weakened, could not run as before, but now he had reason and wide understanding” (I 201 P.8) Women are highly revered for their ability to produce life; therefore, Shamhat’s sex symbolizes her ability to nurture.

The Mesopotamians believed that women could tame the …

I believe in those wing'd purposes,
And acknowledge red, yellow, white, playing within me,
And consider green and violet and the tufted crown intentional,
And do not call the tortoise unworthy because she is not something else,
And the in the woods never studied the gamut, yet trills pretty well to me,
And the look of the bay mare shames silliness out of me.

Comparison Between Gilgamesh and Genesis essays

The hunter went; he led forth the harlot Shamhat with him,
And they took the road, they made the journey.
In three days they reached the appointed place.
Hunter and harlot sat down in their hiding place (?).
For one day, then a second, they sat at the watering place.
Then cattle arrived at the watering place; they drank.
Then wild beasts arrived at the water; they satisfied their need.
And he, Enkidu, whose origin is the mountain,
(Who) eats vegetation with gazelles,
Drinks (at) the watering place with cattle,
Satisfied his need for water with wild beasts.

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For six days and seven nights Enkidu was aroused and poured himselfinto Shamhat.
When he was sated with her charms,
He set his face towards the open country of his cattle.
The gazelles saw Enkidu and scattered,
The cattle of open country kept away from his body.
For Enkidu had stripped (?); his body was too clean
His legs, which used to keep pace with (?) his cattle, were at a standstill.
Enkidu had been diminished, he could not run as before.
Yet he had acquired judgement
(?), had become wiser
He turned back (?), he sat at the harlots feet.
The harlot was looking at his expression,
And he listened attentively to what the harlot said.
The harlot spoke to him, to Enkidu '