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WebMD looks at teen suicide, including risk factors and how to prevent it.
The newly named group took on the mantle of an organization aimed at promoting better pain management and control over the end of life. In public statements, its officials depicted assisted suicide as pain control and child euthanasia as an issue open for debate.

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How the lessons of ‘Dead Poets Society’ can help us understand suicide and depression
b. Division of Labour and forms of solidarity. Durkheim again shows how the division of labour is set within a social context, so that economic relationships are governed by social conventions that may not always be apparent. Durkheim's view that the division of labour does not result in a disintegration of society, but changes the form of social solidarity provides a useful way of examining modern society.


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The method of analysis of Durkheim should prove useful even today. In terms of suicide, the social causes are now well recognized, and any analysis of suicide would have to include these. Some combination of egoistic, anomic, and fatalistic types of suicide may help explain and understand this phenomenon. More generally, the method of is exemplary in providing researchers with a means of understanding the social factors that are associated with particular phenomena. Durkheim examines patterns on the data in an attempt to determine how social factors can play a role in explaining these phenomena. This might be applied to sociobiological arguments today. The trends themselves are not the cause, but indicative of a cause, a social explanation has to be found.

Some of these attempts result in a significant medical injury and disability, which directly impacts health care costs, particularly for self-insured companies.

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An estimated 2-15 % of persons who have been diagnosed with major depression die by suicide.

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Summary. Durkheim's analysis of suicide shows the manner in which the social as opposed to the psychological and biological can be emphasized, and how it results in some useful ways of analyzing the actions of individuals. Suicide rates as expressions of social currents are social facts that affect societies and individuals within those societies. The study of psychology is still useful in attempting to determine individual motives and the manner in which the specific circumstances can lead to an individual deciding to voluntarily end their life. But an analysis of these circumstances should be set within the context of the social currents to which that individual is subject.

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About 24,000 deaths were reported in 2006 for this age group.

The annual cost of workforce-related suicides has been calculated to be approximately $13 billion in 2005 dollars.

The impact of suicide on a corporate family consisting of 100,000 employees, with an average of 4 blood relatives per employee, includes:

The loss of one employee or family member to suicide every 7 days.
Three suicide attempts every day since there are about 25 nonfatal suicide attempts for every reported suicide.

Thousands of teens commit suicide each year in the United States

This is a type of suicide related to too low a degree of regulation, or external constraint on people. As with the anomic division of labour, this can occur when the normal form of the division of labour is disrupted, and "the collectivity is temporarily incapable of exercising its authority over individuals." (Ritzer, p. 92). This can occur either during periods associated with economic depression (stock market crash of the 1930s) or over-rapid economic expansion. New situations with few norms, the regulative effect of structures is weakened, and the individual may feel rootless. In this situation, an individual may be subject to anomic social currents. People that are freed from constraints become "slaves to their passions, and as a result, according to Durkheim's view, commit a wide range of destructive acts, including killing themselves in greater numbers than they ordinarily would." (Ritzer, p., 92). In addition to economic anomie, Durkheim also spends time examining domestic anomie. For example, suicides of family members may occur after the death of a husband or wife.

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3. Anomic Suicide. Anomie or anomy come from the Greek meaning lawlessness. means usage, custom, or law and means to distribute. Anomy thus is social instability resulting from breakdown of standards and values. (Webster's Dictionary).