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If spanking is unlikely to change your kids’ behavior, what does work

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leaves another naughty girl with a sore stinging bottom this week as Aleesha Fox phones into work sick! The illness? A stomach upset! Yeah sure Aleesha! We know a good way to fix that says nurse Chris as she bends her over the office table and soundly spanks her bare bottom!

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Bound tied like a human package she is forced by lash to expose not only her clit to the whip
• Learn the TEN-4 bruising rule. Children under the age of 4 should not have bruising on the torso, ears or neck. Infants too young to crawl should never have any bruises as well.


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• If you are a grandparent or know another parent who needs a break, offer to babysit.
This week All Things Spanking features who is an up and coming spanking model and switch from Seattle. Cassidy loves both Topping and bottoming, and states that “spanking has been a lifelong interest” … with memories as young as age five. She enjoys “spanking in all forms, whether that be discipline, punishment, funishment, role play, stress relief or a spanking just for spanking’s sake.”

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Massive collection of top quality traditional English discipline and punishment videos! Hours of original award winning HQ spanking, caning and paddling pictures and movies!

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Massive collection of top quality traditional English discipline and punishment videos! Hours of original award winning HQ spanking, caning and paddling pictures and movies!

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MJ: HAHAHA, Robbie just bought me a new implement when we were in London. It stings badly – all my clients now call it “The Robbie” and are not fans of his anymore. He does podcasts with me. But I am always on the hunt for new and exciting tools. Honestly the tried and true are still the best, but clients are always welcome to bring an implement for me to try out. Robbie also said he is on the hunt for something worse than a sjambok. I encourage it – always like to be on the cutting edge.

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MJ: I really wonder why people are always concerned about it. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the best gifts come in small packages? I may not look strong, but there is not a bottom out there that could withstand my power. People underestimating me is the best. I have had so many large clients think that it will be so cute to get a spanking from me. Ever seen a grown man cry? It is not a pretty sight, but they almost always come back – if they can take it. One guy didn’t think I could spank him long and hard. But, when the spanking started he was in tears, screaming like crazy into the pillow and hitting the mattress with his fist.

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“To spank or not to spank children” is a question that has left people in two groups: those who advocate it as a method to discipline children, and those who condemn it as harmful, defeating its own purpose. A brings more weight to the latter: from the University of Texas, Austin, it shows that kids who have been spanked by the age of 5 by their parents will have greater behaviour problems at age 6 and 8 as opposed to kids who have never been spanked.