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Lesson Plan for The Adventures of Huck Finn

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Possible Problems: Mark Twain's novel faces considerable controversy because of the language, specifically the word "nigger." The meaning of the word has changed over time and is now considered offensive hate speech or, ironically, a cool part of hip hop culture. The character of Jim is somewhat stereotyped as an ignorant slave but he is also shown as a father who wants to be reunited with his family.

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Description: The film recounts most of Mark Twain's classic story of an errant boy and his adventures on the Mississippi River prior to the Civil War. Huck can be seen as a young hero in a successful search for true individuality.


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Rationale for Using the Movie: Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn reveals the process by which a boy comes to the realization that despite the teachings of peers and elders, slavery is wrong and that true friendship transcends race and age. The 1993 version of the film holds the attention of young people and enables them to understand several of Twain's powerful lessons whether or not they have read the book.

Objectives/Student Outcomes Using this Learning Guide: Using the discussion questions and writing assignments set out below students will be introduced to the themes of Mark Twain's classic story and exercise analytical and writing skills.

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or, since Huck was engaged in a Hero's Journey of internal growth and development,

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