• Let us consider the fate of a typical Innocent Victim.
  • Her head is allowed to hang over one end ofthe table.
  • And other times, it’s rendered in soft memories.

Synopsis: Being a description of the defilement and humiliation of an innocent fourteen year-old virgin by her parents.

Ivy'shead no longer dangles over the end of the table.

Bending slightly forward, Mother pinches each of Ivy's nipples.

This story is intended as an example of theworkings of an aberrant mind.
The other end of each leash is attached to gold rings that have beenforced through the labias of two of the most beautiful young girls Ivy had everseen.

She stops only whenthe end of the dildo bumps against Ivy's cervix.

The members of the Society refer to her as"Ivy", short for "Innocent Victim".
Once she reaches her thirteenth birthday, the Innocent Victim's "parents"secretly provide a report of the girl's progress to a review committee ofSociety members.


Hebends forwards and looks at the tight rosebud of her ass-hole.

Sometimes people who start out as fans become friends. That was the case with Jim and Carol Norman. When I wrote this book, I decided to pattern one character, the lady detective from Peoria, after Carol who was tiny and beautiful and whose glorious black hair resembled a mound of licorice-flavored cotton candy. At the publication party for Tombstone Courage, I told Carol about her coming appearance in Shoot/Don’t Shoot. She was excited and looking forward to her cameo appearance.

Ivy & Innocence is a wonderful Victorian Village collection of buildings and
accessories. We invite you to step back in time to a special place in time, to visit
the quaint and beautiful village of Ivy and its rugged seaside neighbor, Ivy Cove.
Based on the art of Susan Reader, these magical villages abound with
whimsical Victorian shops and houses, all adorned with ivy vines and colorful flowers.
Get to know all the folks in Ivy and their charming stories.

Hedeftly fastens the end of each leash to a hook high up on the wall.

One of our friends, Carol Norman, died as a result of a drunk driving incident. After two years and with the help of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Carol’s husband finally saw to it that his wife's killer went to prison for–sixteen months. The prosecutor was proud of the sentence; I was offended, and I just happened to be getting ready to write a book.

The end of each wire is tipped with a tiny alligator clip.

Vast sums of money are paid to unscrupuloussociopaths who are, or pretend to be, married and raise infants who have beenkidnapped or purchased from their natural parents.

In those cases Granny attaches wires to each endof the needle.

Bearing that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the drunken character behind the wheel of the speeding car in my book doesn’t make it to the end of the first chapter. Rubbing him out felt good to me. Maybe the pen really is mightier than the sword.

The endof a large silver dildo protrudes from her cousin's vagina.

Brianna “Bree” O’Brien never returned from Skeleton Canyon. Someone brutally murdered the pretty, popular teenager who had stolen away under cover of darkness to rendezvous with her boyfriend, Ignacio Ybarra. Perhaps youthful rage, jealousy and savage passion cost young Bree her life. Or maybe she stumbled onto something too dangerous to know.

I can't endure another day of thispain.

Sheriff Joanna Brady of Cochise County knows only too well the pain of losing a loved one to violence. But she is disturbed by the O’Briens’ blind insistence that Ignacio is responsible for their daughter’s slaying. Joanna senses there are words not being spoken, and dark mysteries locked behind doors of the sprawling O’Brien family compound. But it is the strange disappearance of a good friend that is pulling Sheriff Brady ever closer to the lethal nest of lies, greed and secrets hiding in a desolate corner of the Arizona desert - where the next blood that feeds the parched, cracked earth could be her own.