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Even though the outbreak of the war was caused by Germany, there were more complex reasons behind WWII.

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More ideas The Great Depression as a cause of war - BBC debate-podcast on what caused the war Building up German Hegemony in Central Europe, 1933-8 - very detailed and difficult Historians have suggested many reasons why World War Two broke out in 1939. However, have you realised that the World War II was the culmination of the inter-war period, and that your whole course of study has been building up to understanding it?

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights publication gave people new hope for immigrating into the United States from the after effects of WWII. The writing of the UDHR immediately caused people to think about what human rights really were.
The efforts of the Japanese to run in reinforcements at night, and at times to shell our shore installations, resulted in a series of night naval surface engagements which caused heavy losses to both sides.


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England's economic recovery depended on the United States, England also phased out most of its remaining imperial holdings in the years following the war. France was did not have the enormous amount of human losses that it did in the first World War, but would have recover from the effect of the Nazi occupation.

• The Sudetenland led Stalin to make the Nazi-Soviet Pact, because he believed he could not trust Britain. This drawing by the British cartoonist David Low (20 March 1935) is titled 'Cause comes before effect'. (Four days earlier Hitler had held his 'Freedom to Rearm' military rally where he denounced the disarmament clauses of the Versailles Treaty and announced the reinstatement of conscription in Germany.) Click here for the interpretation 4. Hitler was expansionist • Many historians still think that the Second World War was Hitler's personal war, and that he always intended to fight a war - as a re-run of a First World War he did not believe that German had lost fairly.

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Have students identify topics from their graphic organizers. When each topic is placed on the map, have students use arrows that point to and from the related causes and effects. Other topics may need more research in order to be connected to the others but students should mention them nevertheless.

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By this point, students’ Cause and Effect handouts will likely be teeming with information that is not necessarily organized. They can draw on what they have written to complete an all-class concept web that has this at the center: What Is the Situation in Iran?

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The economic consequences of the physical damage wrought by air attack are closely interrelated with the concurrent effects of the interdiction of imports, the cumulative effects of under-maintenance of plants, and the declining health, vigor and determination of the Japanese people.

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It was established for the purpose of conducting an impartial and expert study of the effects of our aerial attack on Germany, to be used in connection with air attacks on Japan and to establish a basis for evaluating air power as an instrument of military strategy, for planning the future development of the United States armed forces, and for determining future economic policies with respect to the national defense.

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Activity | Have students return to their predictions and determine how accurate they were. Have them add information from today’s article to their cause/effect graphic organizers, and continue to do so as they watch the video “A Call for Stronger Sanctions”: