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This caused a great anger to sweep throughout the people of Russia, and they demanded the government to be fixed.

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The 1917 revolutions ended the Russian Empire, and were the beginning of the Russian Civil War.
As a result, members of the government tended to be increasingly weak and ineffective men who owed their positions not to their ability and effectiveness, but to winning favour with the Tsarina. This would have been bad enough with Russia at peace. With the onset of the war, it led inevitably to disaster for the monarchy and for Russia.

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During the actual October Russian Revolution it was not truly the Red Army.
The Russian revolution was a cruel, bloody takeover of the Russian empire by radical socialists known as "Bolsheviks" led by Vladimir Lenin who then went on to establish the Soviet Union which claimed to be for the people but was in...


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To the Russian people, Rasputin symbolised everything that was wrong with imperial government. The court and the imperial family became objects of ridicule, to be despised. Rasputin's murder, at the end of 1916, came too late to undo the damage he had caused.

Unfortunately for Russia, the issue was not solved and the Russian people, led by an important man named Vladimir Lenin, became even more furious with the government and eventually caused the Russian Revolution to occur.

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As the war continued, it became increasingly obvious that the quality and effectiveness of the government of the Russian Empire was under serious question.

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Nicholas II's decision to take charge meant that he was increasingly seen by the Russian people as having personal responsibility for the military disasters inflicted on Russia.

There were a multitude of reasons for the Russian Revolution

He allowed himself to be controlled by other people such as Grigori Rasputin and his wife, Alexandra Fedorovna.

Another reason for the Russian people being unhappy was the war they fought in.

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The departure of Nicholas II to the front meant that the effective government of Russia now came under the control of the Tsarina Alexandra. In particular, she gained increasing influence over the appointment of ministers to the government. She was determined that no member of the imperial government should ever be in a sufficiently strong position to challenge the authority of her beloved husband.