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One in particular that has captured the attention of many looking for a long term solution is the cochlear implant....

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However, not everyone performs to the same level with the cochlear implant.
The organization expresses the importance of speaking to multiple medical specialists and a cochlear-implant surgeon before deciding if a cochlear implant is the right choice.

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Cochlear implants are expensive, and some insurance companies will not pay for it.
PCV13 is only recommended for adults age 19 through 64 years at increased risk of invasive pneumococcal disease because of an immunocompromising condition, asplenia, cerebrospinal fluid leak or cochlear implant.


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The movie is centered around Laura and Dan’s struggle to decide if a cochlear implant is what’s best for their son Adam.
Throughout time, hearing people have been trying to destroy the DEAF-WORLD with the eugenics movement, the mainstreaming of Deaf children into public hearing schools, and cochlear implants....

The movie was about a child who was born hearing and ended up going deaf, so his parents had to deliberate on whether or not they wanted to get him a cochlear implant.