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Forest People are a people that live in the Sea of Corruption


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Many people who live near the Hoia-Baciu Forest ( World’s Most Haunted Forest ) have reported seeing a large collection of orbs of light coming from inside the tree line. When using a thermal detector, these lights don’t seem to be producing any heat signatures. Some people who enter the forest report that they suddenly remember all of their past experiences, but then forget the memories after leaving the land.

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A huge quarry lies tucked in the Uwharries near Albemarle, North Carolina. From earlyArchaic times on, people across the Piedmont went to Morrow Mountain for a fine-grained rockcalled rhyolite they liked for making tools. Eventually, they pecked apart every rhyolite boulderin sight. Today the mountain face is smothered with heaps of rock debris. It hides under leaf litteror peeks out in erosional gulleys. It tumbles down slopes as scree.


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Like Paleoindians, these ancient people did not grow food or make pottery. They, too, werehunters and gatherers with no year-round villages. However, some of their tools, like spearpoints, had shapes quite different from those Paleoindians made. Pondering the finds, excavatorswondered: Did the different technology mean changes in the kinds of animals those early NewYorkers hunted? What about how they hunted? Was their culture actually a local expression ofthe Paleoindian one? Or was it chronologically later, representing another lifeway emerging asthe Ice Age slipped away? While archaeologists knew answers would take more digging andanalysis, they did settle one issue. To distinguish between the ancient Paleoindian culture theyknew about from the ancient one they wondered about, they decided to call the latter Archaic.

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Besides being hunters, Archaic people got plenty of nutrition from nuts. They developed toolsto process them. Nutting stones are slabs of flat rock with surface depressions. People set nuts inthe depressions and then bashed them using a fist-sized rock called a hammerstone. Sometimesarchaeologists find nutting stones where Archaic people camped at harvest time. Probably,people left the heavy, bulky tools tucked away in these places for future harvests rather thancarrying them around.

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What other peeks into early Archaic life come from research? Judging from the lack ofevidence for relatively permanent, wooden houses, people must have slept in lightly-constructedshelters. Quick to construct and dismantle, such dwellings were made of poles tied with cordageand then covered with animal skins or overlapped pieces of bark for waterproofing.

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Sites like Hardaway make archaeologists think early Archaic people used a second kind ofbase camp. Rather than serve just the people in whose territory it lay, this place drew people fromadjacent territories as well. It was a sort of neutral zone. Based on research like Daniel's, somearchaeologists think rock collection was a vital part of Archaic people's overall ecologicaladaptation. The reasoning goes that rock, like food, was indispensable; people's technology andeconomics depended on it. With ample food at every turn, early Archaic bands could, in effect,shrug off the notion of territoriality when it came to shopping for the best rock.

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From the earliest years of the Archaic, people ate both acorns andhickory nuts. Acorns are rich in starches, and hickory nuts are rich infats. Together, they form a very balanced source of nutrition.

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Archaeologists define base camps in a couple of ways, but both refer to a gathering place. Onekind may have served as the staging area for food collection. Often located near or along a riveror tributary, it was within the band's territorial boundaries. While living there, people presumablydivided up into task-oriented groups. They left camp, got what they needed and then returned todistribute it. Sometimes groups might stay away from the base camp several days, leaving aseries of temporary camps where they worked or rested. The surface litter people left behind atthese places hint at what happened in them; scatters of stone points and hide scrapers suggestthey killed and butchered an animal; grinding slabs and stones suggest the place they collectedand processed nuts.