• Hamlet demands that theghost talk, and he does.
  • Is The Ghost In Hamlet Real
  • Since the ghost already told Hamlet that Claudius ..

Scholars argue that the ghost in Hamlet is only a figment of Hamlet’s imagination, but how does that explain others witnessing the apparition.

The ghost calls on Hamletto avenge him by killing Claudius.

Hamlet then questions the menagain about the purpose of their visit.

Shortly after midnight, the ghost appears and requests that Hamlet follows him.
Marcellus (who like everybody else surelysuspects Claudius of foul play) says, "Something is rottenin the state of Denmark" (usually misquoted and misattributed toHamlet himself.) Horatio says God will take care of Hamlet ("Heaven will direct it").

His father, in the after-life figure of a ghost, speaks to Hamlet....

The ghost of Hamlet’s father influences him to seek revenge and prove Claudius’ guilt.
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"Antonio's Revenge" by John Marston, is mentioned bya contemporary source as 1601,and has a very similar plot to Shakespeare's "Hamlet".


The ghost enters,visible to Hamlet but not to the queen.

Marcellus and Bernardo think they have twice seen the ghostof "Old Hamlet".
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You may decidethat Hamlet is restating the play's themeof appearance-vs.-reality.The ghost enters.
Hamlet calls the ghost "boy", "truepenny", and "old mole",and says to his friends, "You hear this fellow in the cellarage."It seems to me that Shakespeare is parodying the older play,and even making fun of the idea of ghosts, and that he's saying,"Don't take this plot seriously, but listen to the ideas."Horatio comments how strange this all is, and Hamlet (who likes puns) says thatthey should welcome the ghost as a stranger in need.

It is described as atragedy with a ghost crying "Hamlet, revenge!".

He finishes the sentence as a tautology ("Villains are knaves.")Hamlet says he thinks the ghost is telling the truth,says he will feign madness ("put an antic disposition on" -- he doesn'texplain why), and(perhaps re-enacting a scene in the old play) swears themto secrecy on his sword and in several different locationswhile the ghost hollers "Swear" from below the stage.

that it is the ghost the Old Hamlet, ..

Notice that Horatio, whois skeptical of ghosts, is the one who suggests trusting Godwhen the ghost appears, and who will later talk about "flights ofangels" carrying Hamlet's soul to heaven.

only Hamlet sees the ghost in Act III; in Act ..

So before considering whether the ghost is telling the truth,Hamlet calls his mother a "most pernicious woman", andsays of Claudius "one may smile, and smile, and be a villain."We all know that from experience -- most reallybad people pretend to be nice and friendly.When Hamlet's friends come in, he says, "There's never a [i.e., no]villain in all Denmark..." He probably meant to say, "...asClaudius", but realizes in midsentencethat this isn't the thing to say.

Ghost in Hamlet Commentary Analysis ..

("Taint not thy mind..." doesn't mean to think nice thoughts, which would be impossible, but simplynot to think of killing her.) The ghost has to leave becausemorning is approaching.Hamlet says he'll remember what he's heard "while memory holds aseat [i.e., still functions] in this distracted globe." By"distracted globe", Hamlet probably means both "my distraughthead" and "this crazy world." (The name of the theater,too.) Hamlet already has made up hismind about Claudius and his mother, without the ghost's help.

The ghost has just revealed to hamlet that he ..

She describes Hamlet'sbarging into her bedroom, with "his doublet all unbraced"(we'd say, his shirt open in front), his dirty socks cruncheddown, and pale and knock-kneed, "as if he had been loosèdout of hell / to speak of horrors." Or, as might say, "as if he'd seen a ghost." Hamlet grabbed her wrist, stared at herface, sighed, let her go, and walked out the door backwards.