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This nexus helps to form a framework for an economy of verbal and visual images that, in turn, might become the fabric of a visual rhetorics.

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United …

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Most people use rhetoric numerous of times in their everyday life without their concern or knowing.
The chronological fixing of the Rhetoric has turned out to be a delicate matter. At least the core of Rhet. I & II seems to be an early work, written during Aristotle's first stay in Athens (it is unclear, however, which chapters belong to that core; regularly mentioned are the chapters I.4–15 and II.1–17).It is true that the Rhetoric refers to historical events that fall in the time of Aristotle's exile and his second stay in Athens, but most of them can be found in the chapters II.23–24,and besides this, examples could have been updated, which is especially plausible if we assume that the Rhetoric formed the basis of a lecture held several times. Most striking are the affinities to the (also early) Topics; if, as it is widely agreed, the Topics represents a pre-syllogistic state of Aristotelian logic, the same is true of the Rhetoric: we actually find no hints of syllogistic inventory in it.

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States

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The Department of Rhetoric offers an interdisciplinary PhD program focusing on the study of rhetorical theory and the interaction of the historical concerns of rhetoric with contemporary critical theory across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Crucial to the department's approach is an investigation into the rhetorical constitution of the arguments of such fields as law, politics, literature, film, and philosophy. The interests of faculty and graduate students thus range throughout these fields and are informed by a critical interest in the rhetoric of disciplines. During their first two years, graduate students explore major areas in the history and theory of rhetoric and pursue a variety of special topics in seminars. Beginning in their fourth semester, they concentrate in greater depth on preparation for their doctoral qualifying examinations and dissertation research.


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Daniel Boyarin, . Talmud, rhetoric, Christianity, genealogy of, invention of Judaism.
You are encouraged to review examination questions from previous Rhetoric & Composition exams; these questions are available in the department's Graduate Program office (24-207, ext. 869-4459). You are also encouraged to enhance your preparation by joining a study group and by bringing any questions you may have to any member of the Rhetoric & Composition committee: Drs. Edlund and Kraemer. Additional opportunities to discuss the exam and to ask questions about it will be available at the annual Graduate Orientation held each October.

Persuasion is the main point of all three of the main venues for rhetoric.
This presentation is designed to introduce your students to color theory, which will help them make color choices that are more than appeals to aesthetics. The nineteen slides presented here are designed to aid the facilitator in an interactive presentation of color theory. This presentation may be supplemented with other OWL resources on visual literacy, visual rhetoric, and design.

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Students pursuing the M.A. in the Rhetoric & Composition option will be exposed to broad theoretical and historical understandings of rhetoric, ranging from classical conceptions of persuasion to contemporary theories exploring the relations of language, knowledge, and power. The three broad areas of study in the option include the history of rhetoric, modern and contemporary rhetorical theory, and pedagogy. Students completing this intensive course of study will have the theoretical, historical, and pedagogical understandings enabling them to teach composition effectively at a variety of levels, including the four-year university or college, the community college, and the secondary school. Students completing course work for the option (along with the comprehensive exam or thesis) will also have a strong foundation for pursuing further graduate work leading to a Ph.D. in rhetoric & composition.

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Students entering the program with a BA will enroll in the master’s program in Rhetoric and Writing Studies offered by the English Department. They will be required to complete the six-hour thesis requirement for the MA degree. Upon finishing this degree, they will complete the additional work required in the PhD program.

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Applicants admitted to a doctoral program that requires a master’s degree to be earned at Berkeley as a prerequisite (even though the applicant already has a master’s degree from another institution in the same or a closely allied field of study) will be permitted to undertake the second master’s degree, despite the overlap in field.