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Junta may refer to: Junta (governing body), referring to various military governments and other governing bodies; Military junta, one form of junta

Federation of State Medical Boards

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La Junta is located in southeastern Colorado, about 60 miles east of Pueblo
The DoD database contains no info on Hispanic-Amer casualties. Hispanics can be of any race, but the 1980 census revealed that only 2.6% regard themselves as black. In a massive sampling of the database we were able to establish that between 5.0 and 6.0> had Hispanic surnames. These were Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latino-Americans with ancestries based in Central and South Amer. The 1970 census which we are using as our V'nam era population base, estimated Hispanic-Americans at 4.5% of the US population.

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La Junta - Where the Trail Divides! 20. Hole in the Rock Site. Hole in the Rock, head water of Timpas Creek, is located north of Thatcher, Colorado, on Highway 350.
Thus we think it is safe to say that Hispanic-Americans were over-represented among V'nam casualties-an estimated 5.5% of the casualties against 4.5% of the 1970 population. These casualties came largely from California and Texas with lesser numbers from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida and New York and some from many states across the country.


Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site (U.S

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