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“Facebook is heartened by today’s decision to begin to allow our nation’s men and women in uniform and civilian employees across the Department of Defense responsible access to social media, which plays an important role in people’s daily lives. Facebook is an efficient way for people with real-world connections to share information and communicate and can be a particularly beneficial link between those stationed around the world and their families at home.”

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Conscription, sometimes the draft, is the compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service
First, she said, all military units will be required to open access to social networking sites at least initially. And when they restrict access, she added, those restrictions are supposed to be temporary. That means, for instance, that the Marine Corps must end its ban on access to most social networking sites. And the Army, which has a list of banned sites, including YouTube, must make those sites available.


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Feb 26, 2010 · After months of delay, the Defense Department announced its new social media policy for service members using military computers.
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Lindy Kyzer, who advices the Army’s Chief of Public Affairs on social media issues, said that while the new policy does leave much discretion in the hands of local commanders, it also opens up access to social networking in several significant ways.

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While few troops would disagree with those caveats, the wording is broad enough to leave much discretion with local commanders to shut down access to Internet sites. And that means that commanders who are uncomfortable with social networking — and military bloggers say there are many of them — will be able to find ways to restrict Internet access by their troops.

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The development is considered a step forward by advocates of social networking in the military. Those advocates have complained for years that local commanders, sometimes for vague or arbitrary reasons, have shut down personal blogs or restricted access to social networking sites that an increasing number of troops use to maintain contact with friends and families. A growing number of deployed units have also begun using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other networking sites to share photographs, release official information and disseminate newsletters.

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Many months behind schedule, the Department of Defense on Friday issued a new policy that, on the surface, seems likely to like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter by troops using military computers.

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