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This Indian royal train also has various luxury facilities on board. Find more about the train facilities, price, schedule and itineraries.

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Deccan Odyssey offers six itineraries where you can discover the most modern India to the oldest.
The Deccan Odyssey train offers its six different journeys (itineraries) to get to know the most exotic Indian destinations. See below takes you to New Delhi, Sawai Madhopur, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Vadodara, Ellora Caves, Mumbai and most well known south India destinations.

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Meaning: Any one person causing disaster, especially war.
Greek Myth: This is a direct reference to Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world. The abduction of her by the Trojan prince Paris caused Menelaus, her husband, to declare war on Troy. Because of prior alliances, eventually all of the Argives (Greeks) were involved; thus, Helen's beauty had "launched a thousand ships" into war.


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Meaning: An extremely perplexing puzzle or problem.
Greek Myth: Legend mixes with mythology with this term. King Gordius of Phrygia tied the knot and it was destined that whomever could untie it revealed himself as the future lord of Asia. After many frustrating attempts to untie it, Alexander the Great finally sliced the knot with his sword, proving it would take brute force to eventually capture Asia. Thus, to cut the Gordian knot means to solve a puzzle in a powerful, decisive manner.

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Left: The Shooting Gallery advertisement (Magnavox Annual Sales, 1973)
Right: the Shooting Gallery pack (the switch box wasn't part of it). Credit: unknown (2007 eBay auction)

History Odyssey study guides are written based on these principles:

Meaning: Large, massive beings
Greek Myth: Giants were an enormous race whose existence began when Uranus, the first king of gods, was castrated by his son Cronus. Cronus was a Titan and the father of the gods; the Titans were therefore the "original" gods and actually aunts and uncles of them. Both Giants and Titans went to war with the gods, with the gods crushing both.

Appropriate grades: 1st – 4thTarget grade: 1st

Meaning: A severely ugly woman.
Greek Myth: The Gorgons were three sisters who were so repulsive looking that their very gaze would turn a man to stone. Although they had apparently always been that way, there is a myth that one sister, Medusa, actually had been beautiful once; she was caught making love to the god Poseidon in the temple of Athena. Athena caught the lovers and immediately changed Medusa into a horrid Gorgon.

Appropriate grades: 1st – 4thTarget grade: 2nd

Meaning: Incessantly bother.
Greek Myth: Jason, in quest for the golden fleece, encounters King Phineus, who is continually tormented by Harpies. The Harpies are winged creatures whose origins might actually represent wind spirits. To King Phineus, the Harpies are grotesque women who constantly snatch his food and drink and will not let him be.

Appropriate grades: 1st – 5thTarget grade: 3rd

Meaning: Intense, uncontrollable anger.
Greek Myth: The Furies were the "avengers", so to speak, of crimes. They would pursue anyone with bloodstained hands; they are particularly cruel to Orestes after the murder of Clytemnestra, his mother. Some scholars believe the Furies represent one's own tormented conscious.