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Only that in every way, whether out of false motives or in truth, Christ is proclaimed.

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Imposters have goals too: The imposter phenomenon and its relationship to achievement goal theory ☆
Like setting a pace, plotting a course, measuring her progress, keeping to a daily training schedule, and sprinting during long runs just to amp things up a little. She did these things because she had a goal in mind. And unlike me, she was training to win.She ran, I worked out. We both watched every calorie. Truth be told, when we donned our running gear, there wasn’t much to distinguish us from each other at the starting line. But if I had tried to keep pace with her in an actual race? I, the imposter, would have been found out by the 1-mile marker.The longer I do this thing called following Jesus, the more I realize the significance of self-discipline. The value of preparation, training and spiritual disciplines. We all look good at the starting line. Praise GOD, He’s made it so for every one of us. But once this race gets underway, the rubber of our shoes quite literally meets the road, and we won’t be far into it before the pack begins to separate and we’re either going to be looking at a lot of people drawing up in front, or a lot of open road greeting us ahead.

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Paul, in the words
Let us leave it to Christ, which way he will make us serviceable to his glory, whether by labour or suffering, by diligence or patience, by living to his honour in working for him, or dying to his honour in suffering for him.

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The Guardian reports that the apparent motive still remains unclear: “A 20-year-old suspect was in custody on Sunday for the killing of five people during a deadly shooting at a mall in Burlington, Washington, two days before.
"Notwithstanding" their unkind thought to me, and self-seeking intention, the cause I have at heart is furthered "every way" of preaching, "whether in pretense (with a by motive, Php 1:16) or in truth (out of true 'love' to Christ, Php 1:17), Christ is proclaimed; and therein I do rejoice, yea, and I will rejoice." From this it would seem that these self-seeking teachers in the main "proclaimed Christ," not "another Gospel," such as the Judaizers in Galatia taught (Ga 1:6-8); though probably having some of the Jewish leaven (see on [2381]Php 1:15,16), their chief error was their self-seeking envious motive, not so much error of doctrine; had there been vital error, Paul would not have rejoiced.

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The motives of the preachers may not be good, but the result is good; the gospel facts are made more widely known, not only by those who preach in sincerity, but even by means of those who strive to promote their own party ends under the pretense of preaching Christ.