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One instance of the role of hospitality in the Odyssey occurs early on in the epic when Telemachus secretly set off to find

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In the Odyssey, the good offered hospitality, and the bad fed off of the hospitality of others.
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Hillsdale and his men went through a virtual odyssey in trying to get to their objective. At Lorgues they dropped off an injured man at a local hospital. Continuing southeast, they heard heavy fire at Les Arcs and decided to back off and go around by the north. That used up all of D-Day. Next morning as they began to move out they were strafed by an American plane. On the way to Draguignan, Hillsdale putout two small patrols, one of which became lost;** then the group encountered two German

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“That made me miss my island,” she added. “That made me miss the hospitality of Puerto Ricans.”
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American artillery and mortar fire grew more intense as the battle for Col de Braus developed. On September 11th the hospital was hit by a white phosphorous shell and burned. The sick and wounded were evacuated to a local hotel, which in turn was hit a few days later. By mid-September, most of the buildings in town had been hit several times, and 10% had been destroyed. People lived in basements, dugouts, and under bridges. Any movement during daylight drew fire. Movement after dark was punishable by death as a curfew violation.


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None of the antagonists in the story ever exhibited any form of hospitality towards Odysseus or Telemachus.
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All of the good characters immediately took Odysseus or his son Telemachus into their homes and fed them.
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Through each of these three character’s commitment and devotion to Odysseus, it can be expressed that loyalty has a major meaning in the world of Odysseus’s tale, but I would like to end this section by posing a question to be thought about. Penelope is shown as the most loyal of all by staying faithful and true to her husband even though they are not together. She resists time and time again the attempts of the suitors for her hand in marriage. So, why is it that Odysseus is so unfaithful to his wife? He is unfaithful with at least two characters Circe, whom he stays with for a year and Calypso, where he is held captive for seven years but sleeps in her bed. Of all the characters that are so loyal to Odysseus, why is he so unloyal in return?

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Along with Penelope, Telemachus and Odysseus’s loyal swineherd Eumaeus were committed to the King of Ithaca. Telemachus, in one regard, shows his loyalty to Odyssues by going on a voyage to learn more about his father,Odysseus, and Eumaeus speaks highly of his king when Odysseus questions him upon returning to Ithaca saying, ‘I call him my lord, although he is not here” (Odyssey 278). But the main way in which I see the two of these characters remaining loyal to Odysseus is when they stand by him and take on the feisty suitors to win back Odysseus’s palace. It would have been extremely difficult for Odysseus to do it on his own and either one of them could have not participated in the bout, but instead decided to stand by their king and put him back in the position that he once held.

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- Here is an additional link to a page which discusses the topic of hospitality or "xenia." John has touched on the fact that the Greeks did it out of fear. This page also touches on the fear and reward thought process of hospitality. Please check it out.

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- This is a link to a page that discusses other issues surrounding the Odyssey. It touches on immortality, the ideal woman, transitions, the importance of Ithaca, and the hero Odysseus. These are also good underlying issues in the Odyssey.

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- A web page that discusses the themes involved in the first four books of the Odyssey. Hospitality is also mentioned here as well as the development of Telemachus and religious faith. This provides a more specific area of the book for these themes.