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If you do not have a PE environment ready to use, Reflect will then offer to create one.

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Phase in legislation targeting waste reduction. San Francisco passed a Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance in 2006 that required restaurants and food vendors to use recyclable or compostable food serviceware and prohibited the use of polystyrene foam. In 2007, the city passed the Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance (updated 2012), requiring supermarkets and drugstores to use compostable plastic, recyclable paper, or reusable checkout bags.

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If you have a UEFI system and are creating a USB rescue environment, you will be offered the option to It is recommended you select this option.


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Hundreds of cities, businesses, and institutions around the United States would benefit from establishing food scrap composting programs. San Francisco’s policies, infrastructure, and outreach strategies offer a strong model. A successful composting program requires long-term planning and investment. The key lessons that can be drawn from San Francisco’s composting program success include:

The Engineering News-Record's ( the premier Engineering publication, in the entire world) coverage of the aftermath of Kobe, Japan earthquake with pictures of Doug Copp risking his life under the rubble.

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Recology collects approximately 650 tons of organics each day, at least half of which is food waste, according to Kevin Drew, residential and special projects zero waste coordinator for the DOE. Recology’s Jepson Prairie Organics, one of the most modern food scrap composting operations in the nation, then converts the organic waste into about 350 tons of finished compost every day. Jepson Prairie Organics, one of two compost facilities serving the city and located approximately 60 miles east, processes about 100,000 tons of organic material annually from across the Bay Area.

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“We embraced BPI-certified compostable bags and foodware early on to encourage composting participation,” said Drew. “We also took early action to eliminate plastic bags from our discard stream to reduce contamination. This helped us reach full coverage for organics recycling to all residential and commercial users, including over 8,500 apartment buildings and 20,000 businesses. Each of these efforts continues to be a work in progress, reaching for the best, stepping off the edge, but always recognizing the need for reevaluation and course correction.”

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The DOE is responsible for drafting the city’s zero-waste policies for consideration by the city’s Board of Supervisors, and also manages program outreach, education, and policy compliance. San Francisco Public Works, working closely with the DOE, sets residential and commercial refuse rates, including allocating different fees for different-sized containers to encourage residents to use bigger recycling bins and smaller landfill bins. Recology is responsible for operating the technologies and infrastructure that divert material from landfills.

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Plan extensive education and outreach to communicate the benefits of composting. Many tools have been developed to help residents and businesses participate in San Francisco’s composting programs, including an online recycling database, onsite multilingual training, a food-waste reduction education campaign, and simple, customizable color-coded signage. The city also initiated a door-to-door multilingual outreach program, funded by hauler fees, in which trained personnel visit residents and teach them how to properly manage their discards.