• Pathfinder successfully landed on Mars on 4 July 1997.
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The spacecraft arrived at Mars in October 2001 and continued to operate after successfully completing its primary mission in 2004.

21 of the 51 missions to Mars so far have been successful

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The twin , known as Spirit (MER-A), and Opportunity (MER-B), were launched on separate Delta II rockets in 2003. Each rover successfully landed on the red planet in January of the following year. The rovers, designed to operate for three months on Mars, far exceeded their design life. Spirit operated for around six years. Opportunity continues to operate, nearly eight years after landing.

The remarkably successful Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, ..

Opportunity landed on 25 January 2004 at Meridiani Planum . The mission has proved highly successful and the rover continues to operate.
After a of the in 2011, the Russian planetary exploration program faced a difficult dilemma on what to do next. One option would be to rebuild Phobos-Grunt, hopefully with an upgraded flight control system which likely doomed the original launch attempt. However even with all available blueprints and some spare parts, such a complex spacecraft could not be assembled by the next available window to Mars in 2013-2014. Thus, any new Russian mission to the Red Planet would have to be postponed to . Within the same window, European Space Agency and NASA planned to launch the of the ExoMars mission, featuring a large Mars orbiter. The spacecraft would serve as a data-relay station for a . However by 2011, the ExoMars mission run into trouble, as NASA failed to secure money to acquire a rocket for the 2016 launch. As NASA once experienced with its beleaguered project, ESA saw the only way to save the ExoMars project by asking Russia to provide a powerful to launch the mission. In exchange, Russia would become a full member in the project.


It was followed by the Mars Pathfinder mission, ..

The Pathfinder, which landed on the surface of Mars was one of the missions, and the Global Surveyor, which is a satellite, is the other mission.
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Spirit landed on 4 January 2004 at Gusev Crater. The rover operated until 2010, far exceeding its design live of 90 days.
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Four astronauts returning from mankind's first mission to Mars enter a time warp and crash on a 26th Century Earth devastated by atomic war.

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The people from mission control try to land the rocket ship by remote control and investigate what happened on Mars.

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While Pathfinder concluded with a successful Mars ..

Unfortunately for those who created the hoax, the Russians announced that due to the American success they had launched their own mission which was now on its way to Mars.
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Unfortunately for those who created the hoax, the Russians announced that due to the American success they had launched their own mission which was now on its way to Mars. 1971 Canada (TV-65 minutes)
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Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner Rover landed on Mars once again, ..

The United States had previously operated three rovers on Mars. The first rover, known as Sojourner, was part of the highly successful launched in 1996. The solar powered rover spent several months exploring near the Pathfinder lander.