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"If this was a festival with 10 bands playing - a group like The Usual Suspects probably wouldn't be playing,'' Dammann said.

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Me I'm a beta. I don't even mean that in the way of "all non-alphas" but in the proper way that I'm better as the vizier than the sultan, the consiglieri than the don, the wizard than the king. I can do both but I'd usually rather have someone else leading the charge so I can focus on my own areas of expertise. Its important to note this because this is textbook non-Alpha behavior. I don't want to be in charge, to be the most visible, to have to coordinate booking dates, business deals and all that crap. I farm that part of the job out by having a level in the chain of command above me.

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Dammann said he used the program that The Usual Suspects gave him, and had no idea why the chief's name was left off it.
And finally, you're ignoring the fact that the article explicitly states not that women like one specific trait (being "good of heart" or what have you), but that different women like all different sorts of behavior: "Some women like macho, take-charge men. Others like soft-spoken intellectuals or floppy-haired mods or wiry musicians, tattooed greasers, chubby hairy teddy-bears or yes, giant-ass nerds." The point of the article is that standard "alpha" behavior is usually hurtful in the long run, not that being the exact opposite of an alpha will get you all the sex you want. But clearly reading comprehension is not your strong suit.


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Singer, 29, may not be in Quentin Tarantino's league, but he and McQuarrie -- pals since high school in New Jersey -- know how to reinvigorate a tired genre in high style. McQuarrie's taut, wickedly twisted script checks in with the most convoluted film-noir plot since William Faulkner confounded audiences 50 years ago with The Big Sleep. Still, putting the pieces together is a kick, and Singer's sensationally assured direction exerts a riptide pull. A whammy of a surprise ending makes you want to see the film again to see if Singer pulled a few fast ones to make the pieces fit. Instead, Suspects rewards multiple viewings because the slippery characters and shifting points of view add up to a film of hypnotic and haunting resonance.

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However the notion of the Evil Alpha reads like a strawman from the author. As if to say "women like nice guys but love the bad boys" false dichotomy. I prefer the notion of an Alpha Male as a man who not only is usually larger than average, stronger and more symmetrical than most guys but also exudes a certain dominant energy and far from being violent is more likely to be a leader and arbitrator. In other words, women prefer Alpha Males for all the rights reasons. Personally I prefer the term Omega Male to guys who are at the arse end of mankind and are weedy, whiny losers who can't get women are far more prone to random acts of violence as they have little to lose (cue: Jamie Holmes). I prefer to define Beta Males as to be the down-to-earth average guys who usually gets married, settles down and has children without too many worries.

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As a citizen of a socialist country, in my experience it means waiting in line for two hours to get your sex forms, filling out the prerequisite sex forms to get primary sex forms, having said forms lost in the mail and starting over, waiting in line for two more hours to have it explained to you how you do not meet the requirements for sex in the rudest way possible, being fined for no reason whatsoever, filing out the sex forms again, only to be told the sex you will be receiving based on your employment status will be delivered to you whenever the government sees fit, which is usually by the time you don't need it anymore.

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Possiblly but I think more the blame can be placed on nerd culture or mass entertainmet in general. Nerd culture is filled with stories of earnest and nerdy boys/men ending up with the hot girl/woman over the jock/high paid CEO. I guess the equivalent for women are romance novels where the handsome, rakish hearthrobe falls for the somewhat to very less exciting female protagonist but the women in romance novels tend to be a lot more beautiful and stunning than their male equivalents in nerd culture. There is also a class element since its not unusual for a woman from an economic-privileged background to fall for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, all these tend to be more in the good girl/bad boy form of fantasy. However, the media is telling lots of men that you deserve a woman thats better than you in some way.

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Peasant women could also have "jobs" in the same way peasant men could have "jobs"… a job was not the official thing it is today, but usually meant working the farm and selling goods at market, which both men and women did in equal measure. I'm currently reading a history of Marie Antionette, and there are references to "fish wives" routinely partitioning her and the king relating to the selling of goods.