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These are among the findings of research issued today linking college majors and the job market.

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A survey this spring by the non-profit National Association of Colleges and Employers found that engineering majors commanded the highest average salaries, followed by computer science and business majors. Those degrees also fared well in a survey last year by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute based at Michigan State University. The "surprise" finding, that study says, was that the strongest demand was for associate's rather than bachelor's degrees.

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"The findings challenge some conventional wisdom," says Mark Schneider, author of the report, released by College Measures, a non-profit organization that conducted the research. The study, which matches student records with state unemployment insurance wage data for graduates in Arkansas, Colorado, Virginia, Texas and Tennessee, adds to a growing body of research designed to help parents, students and policymakers assess the value of a college degree.


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• Higher tuition does not necessarily lead to higher salaries: In Colorado, first-year earnings for graduates of Colorado State University's flagship campus in Fort Collins averaged $36,777, slightly lower than the average $37,726 earned by graduates of CSU's Pueblo campus. Tuition at the Fort Collins campus this fall for state residents is $7,494, compared with $4,894 at Pueblo.

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ACRL invites practicing librarians and information professionals employed in academic and research libraries to apply for funding for research that will demonstrate library contributions to student learning and success. Each proposed project should aim to build on the foundations of the Academic Library Impact report and fill gaps in existing literature. As the report’s authors write, it is intended to act “as a catalyst for the study of college and university student learning and success,” highlighting questions for further investigation as well as tools and methods that can be applied to them or any number of related topics.

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The rise of MOOCs is clearly filling a need in the United States and abroad for people who want to learn more about the world and receive a college education without paying huge fees and without leaving their home. Will it revolutionize education? Will it democratize education? Will it change how higher education is delivered around the world? Maybe! Clearly MOOCs are a disruptive technology that has the potential to educate those whose needs are not currently met in traditional brick-and-mortar schools or even in accredited online universities.

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When most people think of the value of college, these days, they tend to think in terms of dollars and cents. How much will it cost me? How much will I have to take out in loans to pay for it? Will my future earnings make college worth the cost? But is this the right way to think about it?