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The invasion of Russia in 1812 was a turning point for Napoleon military ..

The disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 marked a turning point

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The French invasion of Russia in 1812 marked a turning point in Napoleon's fortunes.
Napoleon's personality had a significant impact throughout his career. Many factors helped him rise to fame and enhance his abilities; his almost hypnotic power over his contemporaries; his intellectual capacity; the ability to work for long periods continually; his iron will and irresistible charm all helped during the early part of his career to establish himself at an early age as a very competent general. The later point was especially significant when he took command of the Army of Italy in 1796 at the age of only 27. Harold Parker goes so far as to say that Napoleon's personality and its desire to please Josephine effected his performance during the Italian campaign of 1796, that his tendency at this time toward a sexual union "with a woman no doubt accentuated his drive for power and accomplishment". An interesting theory but one that is difficult to determine.

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The catastrophic Russian campaign of 1812 marked a turning point for Napoleon and French ..
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very much aware that Napoleon's march on Moscow was a turning point in his career ..
During the campaign of 1814 Napoleon showed great leadership and a return to the tactical flair that had been missing during the campaigns in Russia in 1812 and Germany in 1813. This could be attributed to the limitations of his personality. Napoleon had continually overestimated his own abilities as a field commander since his victory during the Italian campaign at the Lodi bridge in 1796. This was further enhanced by his continuing victories, but during the campaigns of 1812 and 1813 he had suffered disastrous reverses. During the most of the campaign in France in 1814, however, he showed strategic and tactical flair equal to this first Italian campaign. This was a direct result of placing his own limitations into a much clearer context and the fact that he was commanding a much smaller army than in the pervious two campaigns. He constantly held the initiative and made lightening strikes against his divided enemies. It was only during the later part of the campaign, after continual tactical victories over the allies did he begin to underestimate his opponents and in the words of F. Loraine Petre "allowed imagination to master facts."

In 1812 France's position was one of unprecedented power. It was, in all probability, the highest point of Napoleon's glory. "In 1811 the Emperor's power over the continent, as far as the frontier of Russia, was, in fact, absolute; and in France internal prosperity was enjoyed with external glory." (William Napier - Vol III, p 192)
the French forces in the Peninsula lost 100 men per day" ()
In the American Civil War 1861-65 the casualties for the Union were 400 per day.
The campaign in Russia reduced Napoleon's army to 2 % of their initial strength.
It was a turning point during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Rumours spread amongst the serfs before the invasion that this was Napoleon’s intention, and the tzar responded by stationing troops in each western province to counter any unrest.) However the behavior, or rather misbehavior, of the invading troops in 1812 turned the peasants against Napoleon.

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Eventually, the tide of war began to turn against Napoleon, after the disastrous French invasion of Russia in 1812, that caused Napoleon to lose much of his Grand Armee.