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Lionel Tyrone Willingham (born December 30, 1953) is a retired American football player and coach

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Almost by himself he made theTerriers into a national power. He was the first - and only -All-American ever to play at BU, which no longer even playsfootball.

Selected in the first round of the 1952 draft by the Cleveland Browns,who saw in him the eventual successor to All-Pro Otto Graham, he turneddown their $25,000 bonus offer to sign instead to play baseball withhis hometown Red Sox.

Bostonians saw in him the successor to Ted Williams. He playedone year of AAA ball, and had a so-so rookie season, but hopes werehigh for him in his second year, 1955. But in early June he wasdiagnosed with pneumonia. After returning to the lineup for twogames, he suffered a relapse, and on June 27, 1955, he died of apulmonary embolism - a blood clot that makes its way to the lungs.

Harry Agganis, the Golden Greek, was 26 years old.

More than 10,000 people attended his wake.


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That lasted just one year, and then Young made oneof the most dramatic changes - and brought about about one of the mostdramatic turnarounds - in college football history. Aftergoing 2-9 in his first year, Young junked his pro set offense and wentall-out wishbone, with a senior named Nate Sassaman, who hadn’t run aplay as an option quarterback since high school, at the controls. John Simar was put in charge of coaching the wide receivers (“wideblockers,” he says they jokingly called themselves). In theirfirst year running the ‘bone, Army went 8-3-1, beating both Air Forceand Navy and narrowly losing to Michigan State, 10-6, in a bowlgame. Certainly a highlight of the season was going intoKnoxville and playing a good Tennessee team (they beat Alabama thatyear) to a 24-24 tie. After the change to the wishbone,Coach Young had only one losing season - 5-6 in 1987 - and he finishedwith an overall record at West Point of 51-39-1. (He is the lastArmy coach to go out with a winning record.) When Jim Youngretired, John Simar, who had switched to coaching running backs in1987, stayed on with new coach Bob Sutton, who had been Young’sdefensive coordinator (and now serves in that capacity with the KansasCity Chiefs).

John left West Point following the 1994 season to become Director ofAthletics at Charlotte (NC) Country Day School, and in 1999 he wasnamed Director of Athletics at the prestigious Lawrenceville School, inNew Jersey. The Lawrenceville position, it should be pointed out,entails greater responsibilities than most colleges, with 64 teams in34 different sports - 32 teams each and 17 sports each for both boysand girls.


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— Fridays were Tyrone Willingham’s carefree days during his years in college football

He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In 1969, on the 100th anniversary of college football, the NCAA and theFootball Writers of America named him to college football’s All-TimeAll-America Team.

His jersey number, 1, was the first ever retired at Stanford, andremains one of only three, along with Jim Plunkett and John Elway.



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and his QB's. That'sMike. Always doing what it takes, and doing it well just becauseit's the right thing to do. When it comes to his boys you won'tfind a union bone in his body.

Quiz answer: "Sleepy" Jim Crowley. One fourth of "FourHorsemen" (Crowley, Miller, Layden, Stuhldreher). All four ofthem spent time coaching college football, with Miller in the shorteststint eventually becoming a lawyer. Layden became coach of theIrish, and Stuhldreher was successful at Villanova. Also GusDorais (who teamed up with Rockne as a player and introduced theforward pass in a mighty upset of Army) ended up coaching collegefootball at Detroit U.

Have a great Fourth of July my friend, and God Bless America!

Joe Gutilla
Austin, Texas


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But it was not just an ordinarydive play - it required the Giants’ QB, Joe Pisarcik, to reverse pivotto hand to Csonka hitting off the left side. By the time Pisarcikcould get around to make the handoff, Csonka was almost into theline. Pisarcik’s handoff hit Csonka in the back and fell to theground, where it was scooped up by Eagles’ cornerback Herm Edwards(yes, that Herm Edwards) who ran 26 yards with it for the winning score.

That, many think, was what led Giants’ ownership to improve the entirefootball operation, which led, on the recommendation of CommissionerPete Rozelle, to hiring George Young.

But what Charlie Wilson uncovered was really interesting - the story ofBob Gibson.

Bob Gibson was an old World Football League guy - an assistant to JohnMcVay at Memphis in 1974 and head coach at Charlotte in 1975.

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But he also calledthe plays, making him somewhat of a modern-day offensive coordinator,and with him in that position, the Browns won the NFL title in 1964.

Dub Jones and his wife had seven children. Four of theirsons played college football. One of them, Bert, played so wellthat he was drafted out of LSU by the Baltimore Colts and played 10years as an NFL quarterback, earning league MVP honors in 1976.

Josh Montgomery - Berwick, Louisiana
Ken Hampton - Raleigh, North Carolina
John Vermillion - St.

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The year was 2002 and the head coach was Tyrone Willingham. That is the last time Notre Dame was 3-0. The year was 2006 and Brady Quinn was the quarterback. That is the last time Notre Dame was ranked as high as No. 11. Who even remembers the last time Notre Dame ranked higher than Michigan, Michigan State and USC at the same time?