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Nuclear Power: How It Works, Pros, Cons, Impact

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This is the third part of our three part series on the nuclear fuel cycle. To read the first part on mining, converting, enriching and fabricating nuclear fuel, , and to read the second part on the fuel in the reactor core, .

Part 3

Once the used nuclear fuel is removed from the reactor core, it’s stored at the nuclear plant site through two different methods: used fuel pools and dry casks. The used fuel pools and dry cask storage systems are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and have numerous and redundant safety systems in place to carefully protect the fuel.

Duke Energy has almost 40 years of experience managing nuclear fuel and safely stores used fuel at its nuclear stations in both used fuel pools and above ground dry storage systems.

India’s economic growth is driving its energy …

Energy is essential for sustainable economic growth and improved human welfare. Nuclear energy provides access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. It is a significant part of the world energy mix and its use is expected to grow in the coming decades.
In its flagship publication , the IEA does warn that many countries must make important decisions regarding the almost 200 nuclear reactors due to be retired by 2040, and how to manage the growing volumes of spent nuclear fuel in the absence of permanent disposal facilities. The expert technical and policy communities generally view deep geologic repositories as a viable solution to safely isolate the waste from the commercial nuclear fuel cycle over the very long time periods required. National efforts to develop deep geologic repositories are at varying stages. To date, no country has fully implemented such a facility.


India’s economic growth is driving its energy consumption

The nuclear energy industry plays an important role in job creation and economic growth, ..
Dominion Energy has plans to add a new 1,470 megawatts reactor at the North Anna site. The utility submitted an Early Site Permit (ESP) proposal to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission based on a larger, 1,700 megawatt reactor based on a different design (the Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), but now proposes to use the Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling-Water design. The new design would allow for a more cost-effective reactor than the Westinghouse, three-loop, pressurized water design used for Units 1 and 2.

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