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Why McDonald's fries don't taste as good as when you were a kid

Malcolm Gladwell embarked on a mission to find out why McDonald's fries taste different.
Everyone, across the board, throughout the universe, likes fries. Unfortunately, most fries are not good for you. Of course you know this. Most are GMO potatoes fried in rancid oils. Sorry.

The science of taste: Why French fries taste so good …

The Atlantic Monthly; January 2001; Why McDonald's Fries Taste So Good - 01.01 (Part Two); Volume 287, No.
Toward the end of the list is a seemingly innocuous yet oddly mysterious phrase: "natural flavor." That ingredient helps to explain not only why the fries taste so good but also why most fast food -- indeed, most of the food Americans eat today -- tastes the way it does.


why do your fries taste so good?

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I am a huge butternut squash fan but never really thought of making fries with the, your post will soon have me go shopping for it. This looks so delicious and flavorful.
xx, Kusum

Luckily I have a healthy, delicious option for you: fries that you’ll love, fries that will feel decadent, taste amazing, please the eye and the belly, but are good for you. These are Rosemary Butternut Squash “Fries”. Look at those brown, crispy edges!
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“why do your fries taste so good

My, oh my! I’ve already made this twice this week, it’s that good! I shy away from butternut squash because it’s encased in armor, but your tips worked. My husband and I both enjoyed the fries. I’ll definitely be making them again!